Browser Based Interface

A browser interface helps guide you through the various configuration settings, scheduling and backup management tasks making it easy to backup and restore your virtual environments.

Host Backup and Restore

Includes ISO Boot Environment (AIPBE) to support cold-state backup of the physical host. The AIPBE ISO is used to boot the host machine so that a cold backup of the Host machine can be performed.

Email Notifications

Email notifications keep you informed about critical issues and status of your backup jobs right from you mobile device or PC.

Data Deduplication

Inline data deduplication compression takes nominally different data from each virtual machine and coalesces it into a single storage space.

Flexible Scheduling

Configure the frequency of backup tasks for Monthly, Daily, Weekly or Hourly schedules for both full and incremental backups.

Smart Backup Technology

NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, Swap and LVM file systems are backed up such that only the disk blocks in use by the file system are examined and stored.

Selective Recovery

Restore all virtual machines, selected virtual machines or individual files, and folders, allowing for granular recovery.

Easy Setup

Deployment is via an OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) archive using vSphere for efficient and managed installations of vmGuardian appliances.

Agentless Architecture

Agentless architecture means no more time consuming agent installations and expensive agent license fees for each virtual machine. Install only once per host.

AES-256 Bit Encryption

Backups are protected with high-grade AES-256-bit encryption. Intel processors with AES-NI can accelerate the performance of encryption by 3 to 10 times over a software only implementation.