Frequently asked questions

Q: What is vmGuardian?

A: NetJapan’s vmGuardian is a specialized backup and disaster recovery solution for VMware ESX virtual environments.

Q: How do I install vmGuardian?

A: You can download the install manual from the link below.


Q: Can I copy files via WEBDAV?

A: Webdav client software carotdav how to.

Q: What are the requirements to perform online (quiescing) backup of operating systems of Virtual Machines?

A: Requirements to perform online (quiescing).

Q: Can I use DAS devices attached into the Appliance as a Backup Device?

A: Using DAS devices.

Q: Is the vmGuardian licensing scheme applied on a per ESX host or per socket?

A: Each licensed purchase of vmGuardian is applied to one per socket.

Q: Are there volume discounts for multiple sockets?

A: Yes. The vmGuardian webstore provides discounts for multiple license purchases. The discount varies depending on the amount of licenses purchased.

Q: AIP's Boot Environment's Network Configuration GUI utility defaults to eth0.

A: Configuration GUI utility how to.

Q: Known Issues with the current product.

A: Known Issues.